Brexit. Touchy subject on a professional website, but it needs addressed. To get the politics out of the way – both Leave and Remain peddled a load of lies during the referendum. I haven’t seen / heard / read a politician that I would fully trust. The system needs to change.

So now that’s out the way – what are we left with? The UK has been in the EU my whole life. I’ve not been out of work a day of my working life. I’ve worked in Europe and I’ve worked in Japan. I’ve enjoyed a lot of travel throughout Europe. I’ve worked with foreign nationals. And it’s all been fine. Am I lucky – probably. Have others worked just as hard as me and had different, negative experiences – I’m sure of it. Are the politicians running the EU just as bad / worse than the UK ones – definitely. So what to do…..?

Unfortunately, I think change is bad. Change on this scale I mean. Because change brings instability. And instability stops investment. Projects get put on hold, people wait and see what is going to happen. I believe that no matter the mess we are in at the moment, in a few years it will be back to “normal” – even if we leave with no deal, or overturn the referendum and all the social upheaval that would bring – it will all get sorted out. But massive damage will get done in the interim, because major projects will stop, until the situation is more clear. Brexit will also lead to calls for more calls for another Scottish Indy referendum. It will lead to other EU countries considering / threatening to leave. And that will result in more instability. And more things stopping.

If I had my way we would all just work together, and make it work. Change would come incrementally, and the world would keep turning. I fear if this goes ahead then the world will stop turning for a while!

And back to politics – get rid of the current system, the current parties. Take the best, most competent ones from all sides and make them work together. And make them work for us. And we should be able to review the cv of a politician. What negotiation / leadership training have they had? Problem solving training / experience? None you say? Jog on I say!

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