So my local football team St Mirren are going through some upheaval currently.  The facts are unclear, but lots of media reporting that our manager Oran Kearney is heading for the exit door.  This is after rescuing us from relegation last season.

The issue seems to stem from Northern Irishman Oran not wanting to uproot his wife and young kids and move them to the Paisley area.

Perhaps he had committed to moving them all over after the first year, and is going back on his word.  Perhaps the club had an issue with how it went last year, with the travelling not working.  But surely a solution could have been found.

Family life is incredible important.  A happy home life leads to a happy work life.   Commuting, with some time away from home is hard for all parties including the employer.  But doing what it takes to secure a brilliant employee, who has demonstrated their abilities is key for success.  It appears “flexible working” hasn’t quite made it to the lower reaches (ok, bottom) of the Scottish Premier League.

P.S. If Mr Kearney does leave then I wish him all the best, and note that Mr Benitez is available, and both Newcastle and St.Mirren play in black and white!