Photos – Examples of the Work We Do


Offshore Client Rep Services.
Alan Kelly Projects can offer client rep support, in addition to full package management services.  I have acted as client rep on both cable lay and cable burial vessels.  I’m also experienced in representing the end client during vessel mobilisations and cable loadouts.  Some clients do not look for much in their reps – as long as you can sign the DPR and report any incidents ticks the boxes of some employers.  However, I suggest client reps should be offering more.  They should support the contractor in the work.  The rep should add value.  They must fully understand the scope of work and be able to offer solutions when problems are encountered.  That’s what a rep from Alan Kelly Projects can offer your project.




Improved cable protection system packing to reduce need for working at height.

It is customary for cable protection systems to be supplied in standard offshore containers.  The original extraction method required the cable installation vessel to have an elevated walkway around the container, enabling access to the top, and this still made it challenging to remove systems which were in the middle of the container.  The walkway also took up a lot of space on the vessel.  Working with companies in the supply chain, we ensured that the pre-applied strops were all accessible from ground level at the front door of the container, removing the need for personnel to work at height.  The elevated walkway was also not required, allowing containers to be placed much closer together on the installation vessel.  This allowed additional containers to be taken onboard, reducing the need for costly port calls to load out accessories.  However, it was the need to improve the health and safety aspects of the container unloading process that had driven Alan Kelly Projects to work with the supplier to find a better method.




Cable burial vessel conversion, to combined cable lay and burial vessel.

Through painful experience, at Alan Kelly Projects we are convinced that simultaneous lay and bury is NOT the solution for array cable installation.  However, having one vessel that can carry out both tasks individually is a huge benefit to your project.  It enables you to take advantage of shorter weather windows, as your individual task weather window and limit will be better than the conditions required for simultaneous lay and bury.  In periods of fine weather you lay the cables, and when conditions worsen you revert to cable burial.  We have experience on projects where this has reduced weather downtime considerably, compared to other vessels working on the project which are only able to carry out one task.  This is particularly beneficial if a Winter installation campaign is planned.


img_1893Health and Safety Advice

Here’s a picture of my son, demonstrating that you should never walk under a suspended load – even if the bricks are made of foam!  Alan Kelly Projects can assist with review of RAMS from an HSE point of view as well as a technical review.  We have experience of doing things safely, and are committed to helping your project achieve as low an incident rate as possible.  We have experience of vessel mobilisations, a phase of the project where the potential for incidents is very high.  People don’t like to talk about the cost of not doing things safely.  But I find this really helps to focus the whole organisation on safety.  When you are trying to justify the time and expenditure to ensure safety, just consider the cost of the fines, damage to reputation, and potential compensation if an accident or incident occurs.  People that say you cant put a price on safety are deluded, everything unfortunately has a price.  But I guarantee that the costs you could face in the event of an incident far outweigh the cost of the precautions to ensure that everyone goes home safely at the end of the project.


Progress Analysis

Do you really know how much your own project is costing you, and how you are progressing?  All that data you are gathering, are you making it work properly for you?  Over a number of projects we have built a good method of analysing and tracking progress, which allows the cost status of your project to be compared against progress, giving early warning of any problems.  Working with some excel whizkids recently has further enhanced the tracking we do, and simplified the data entry process.