Project Management Support

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Here are some details of projects successfully delivered to date.

Cable Installation Cycle Time Analysis
Every cable installation project differs from the previous one.  Developing a program which could look at the variables in the project being tendered and accurately calculate the installation duration, based on a track record, would greatly improve the accuracy of the tendered price.  It would also allow the tendering company to fully understand the risks they were exposed to if they chose to reduce their price.  Alan developed this tool and continues to further refine it.  It can be tailored to an individual company’s track record, or use engineered durations.

Development of project management process
Whilst at Thorn Lighting, Alan developed a 6 stage project management process for the development of commercial light fittings. Using his project management qualifications, Alan was able to develop a process which ensured projects were delivered in a repeatable way.

Development of Design Concern Database
A client approached Alan Kelly Projects wishing to ensure that design problems during a project were captured and resolved. The client was experiencing the same problem over and over again and needed computer software to ensure the problems were fed back into the design process and shared with the whole organisation. The database we developed allowed anyone in the Test, Manufacture or Sales Depts to log a concern and automatically send it to the correct Designer / Engineer. The responsible person would then update the database when a solution was implemented.

Engineering Tender for Tidal Generating Farm
Alan Kelly Projects were contracted to prepare engineering documents for a client tendering for a project on a Tidal Generation Scheme. Engineering documents were prepared along with risk assessments and method statements.

Tender for Cable Installation on Offshore Wind Farm
We have worked with multiple clients, supporting them with their tenders for cable installation. To do this effectively we embed ourselves in the client’s organisation to enable us to effectively sell the client through the tender. We are not only using our engineering expertise here, we are deploying our experience from working client side for wind farm owner/operators which allows us to tailor the tender response to exactly what end clients are looking for.

The above is a small sample of the work we have done. Company names and some other details have been withheld to adhere to confidentiality agreements.

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